Tom Hall-Jones

Guiding those who struggle to Navigate Their Digital Presence

I have come across many small businesses and individuals who have spent ludicrous amounts on new websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads with little to no return. This didn’t sit well with me at all, so I have created a strategic approach to Website User Experience, SEO, PPC and overall digital presence to enable you the best start possible to succeed in this ever-competitive digital world.

Self Doubt initially got in my way

A bit about me

After finishing school and walking out of college with an A Level in accounts and a GNVQ in Business, I struggled to find a job! I looked through my local paper and found a job that interested me which was basically Sales for an engineering firm designing sensors for Formula 1 cars, power stations, furnaces etc. Who would have thought I would have ended up working their for 18 years, working my way through the company from selling, purchasing, project management and marketing!

I then went on the hunt to find myself a new job elsewhere and basically jumped around from company to company for a few years, not happy and this is where my self doubt kicked in…..was I ever going to be happy… am I going to earn more…..what is it I truly enjoy doing! So many questions!

I looked back on my first job and realised that being part of a business and helping those around me grow that business was really where my skills lay! Once I had figured this out I went about starting my own Website Strategy agency which has grown year on year. Not only is it a Website Strategy agency but a consultancy to help Digital Creators, Influencers and small businesses thrive in the ever changing digital landscape.

Tom Hall-Jones

Who have I worked with?

Throughout my career I have been incredibly lucky to work and support some of the biggest companies in the world like Mercedes High Performance Engines, Red Bull Formula 1, Siemens, Rolls Royce to name but a few but where I really like to support is the smaller companies that can really benefit with a solid, grounded strategy to reap the benefits of those wanting to take their businesses to the next level.

The internet provides endless possibilities and it is my job to help you navigate the online world, that best suits your budget, company requirments and most importantly what your clients want to really see. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are threee core parts I focus on, they are Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and PPC. There are micro parts to each of these three to help build a solid strategy.

I don’t believe in contracts. You are not tied into any contracts whatsoever. I beleive in strong relationships and delivering on the expectatiosn set out at the beginning of any project.

Absolutely, if you are a company of one or thousands I would gladly support you. As long as you are serious in wanting to make your business a success then I am all in.

Each strategy is different so pricing depends on what is required. Let’s discuss what it is you need to push forward and we can go from there.