Tom Hall-Jones

delivering revenue generating growth through digital marketing solutions

My professional life consists mainly of fixing things: noticing what works elsewhere, listening closely to a given situation, and then applying those principles uniquely to foster improvement. That means that I’m usually focusing on what’s wrong…before I do my best to fix it.

Even the best athletes have coaches…….when it comes to your business online presence and growth why not use an outside source to help you navigate a never changing digital world. I work with individuals and companies who are struggling to position themselves and to create strategies to help them increase growth online.

Everything you need to make your business succeed online

Web Design

You may already have a website or looking to create a new web site. Whilst we really on Social Media Platforms to publish content, you have no control over what happens on them and whether your content remains. With a website this is your shop window which you have full control over.

I have built many web sites over the years for companies of all sizes. I plan and build all elements of a site including structure and layout of images, colors, fonts, visitor user experience, search engine optimization and content creation. All of these elements determine how your website will look and work on different devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, simply put SEO means the process of improving any given site to increase its visibility within search engines. When people search for services or products related to your business then they can find you in the Organic search results in the popular search engines like Google and Bing.

There are well over 200 ranking factors when ranking a given page in search engines, so creating the correct strategy can have a massive impact on your online business. I have worked with some incredibly businesses with their SEO and have had great results. As an example, I worked with a robotics company, before I was involved they were receiving £250k enquires per week, now they receive over £1 Million worth of enquires just through SEO……oh and they also caught the eye of Tesla and received enquiries from them! Its amazing how SEO can affect your business.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, this is anotehr route used in digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads are clicked on. This is really a way of buying visits to your website rather than trying to drive visitors organically. Whilst working on your SEO it might be good practice to run Ads to drive traffic and pick up sales quicker.

I have been through Googles  Ads Search program so I know a thing or two of how to efficiently run ads and traffic through this marketing stream. Using targeted strategies from keyword analysis I am able to increase CTR (click through rate) by going extremely narrow for your business niche. Most recently I have had 12 clients who have all increased their CTR by 300% without increasing their budget which in turn has generated more leads and conversions.

User Experience

User Experience also known as UX is really focusing and understanding of users, what their intent is and then implementing a strategy to ensure web pages are designed to satisfy the efficiency of the user interaction on the website.

Its a well and good having a great looking website with fantastic User Experience but know one can find it and the same can be said of having amazing SEO and ranking for great keywords but when a vistor lands on the page they just leave as they can’t find what they need. Most people over think the layout of pages and make them too complicated, simplicity and clarity is the way forward…….I have had great success with this strategy.

Information Architect

Some of you are probably aksing "what is an information architect?". Well really this is really what my role comes down too. Information Architecture also known as IA focuses on organizing, structuring and labeling content in an effective way. The goal is users find information quickly and effeciently and ensure all relevant content can be found.

I enjoy complex scenarios and enjoy organizing complex information and formatting that information in a clear and logical way. As consumers, we are accustomed to finding exactly what we need, fast and easily….if we don’t find what we need we normally give up within a few seconds and move on to the next website. This is where I can help, by formatting the information, presenting it in the right way and helping you get found through PPC and SEO, given time this will have a positive effect on your businesses growth.

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